We seek to provide a multidisciplinary evaluation and plan to assist in your health recovery and maintenance

Dr Kokayi is a Yale trained physician, who for greater than thirty years has been exploring, studying, and utilizing other models of health and healing and therapies to assist individuals trying to regain their health and/or maintain and optimize their health. We work with the population group from one years of age and up! Disciplines used in practice for both diagnosis and treatment include:

Homeopathic Medicine

Allopathic Medicine

Cranial Sacral Therapy

Pranic Healing

Chinese Medicine

Herbal Medicine

Nutritional Therapies

Applied Kinesiology

Neuro-Linguistice Programming

Crystal Healing

Energy and Consciousness Based Disciplines

For many patients we are the second and third opinion and we encourage clients to maintain a relationship with their primary care doctor as we are not hospital based and feel there is value in the annual exams offered by mainstream allopathic practitioners and the skill set offered by specialists and attentive and open-minded allopathic practitioners. We are willing to work with practitioners of all types, including culturally traditional practitioners and medical intuitives. Also present in this physical office is Dr Donald Moore, a fellow Yale Graduate and mainstream allopathic practitioner, who consults and shares many patients with Dr Kokayi. We want you to have the best of an expanding global medical paradigm.

Kamau Kokayi, MD provides Holistic Medicine and Homeopathic medical services specializing in Chinese Medicine, Applied Kinsesiology, Acupuncture, Pranic Healing, Energy Healing, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and much more. 718-622-2042 41 Eastern Pkwy Apt 1B Brooklyn, NY 11238 US Proudly Serving: Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Long Island, Prospect Heights, and Park Slope as well as the rest of New York City and its surrounding communities.